Digital Art, Photoshop and Xara Xtreme

When it come to art, the favourite program for the computer is the obvious ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. Many people say it is either the cheapest or the easiest art program around. I later found out this was not the case.

I had used Adobe Photo shop for many years now. (Being a child that grew up in the computer era, I had accomplished much more than my father, when it came to Photoshop art creations)I would often think to myself: “There must be an easier way of doing this on the computer.”

Recently for a couple of years now I have switched to Xara Xtreme (Pro 4), I wanted to see a new and high-technological art programme. I also bought a WACOM PEN TABLET for drawing (on the computer) as well. I then used and alternated both of the programmes for a year. I found out that not only was XARA XTREME easier to use but it was better in technology and even in its accuracy.

The program had better add-ons and some of which were so advanced, that the newest ADOBE PHOTOSHOP didn’t even have them. The only problem was that XARA, as a program was slightly more expensive to buy in one whole go (with all of the Xara products) … but that doesn’t mean that it could be cheaper than ADOBE. Because there are some special deals online that can make that so. Only some aspects of the program are more expensive. The program itself is much cheaper than Adobe Photoshop.

Better than Adobe Photoshop

(Xara Xtreme vs Adobe Photoshop)

Some of the artists on are very talented. There was this one guy who actually created a photo-like image so accurate you couldn’t tell that it was a drawing done by hand. This was truly an amazing piece or art and technology.

Xara Xtreme: Before

Xara Xtreme: After

(Picture Perfect I would say, don’t you agree?)

(Think of it like this: Xara is like paying for a group of builders. You might pay  bit more for the group than average, but they get the job done fast, accurately and on time. You pay for quality. Which is why they are a little more expensive. You wouldn’t buy the cheap ones. They will take their time and mess around, are they really trustworthy and effective compared to the other group?)

You’re the reader, you decide which is the best.

Corthan Bearder (TheBarracuda57)

~ by TheBarracuda57 on April 25, 2010.

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