Latest Entry: (25th April 2010, 14:27pm)

Status: Offline/ Mood: Sleepy / Doing: Revision for Exams

Tools: Xara Xtreme Pro 4 & Pen Tablet (none of that Photoshop stuff)

Quote: “At the moment I can’t think of one.. but I will soon.. I think..”


Corthan Bearder (TheBarracuda57)

“Well.. at the moment I don’t have much to say.. I’m a teen of sixteen and at this moment I am doing the most important exams of my life! (So I don’t have much time to do any are or to post anything yet)

I hope to find other artists on WordPress. If anybody on this site knows of any, can you send a link through a comment? That would be mighty kind of you. The next entry I will do is late in JUNE after my GCSE exams (look it up on Wikipedia if you have no idea what that means) It is very important so I need to not be distracted… much.

I hope to make lots of friends on this site and to increase my audience and help encourage people to take up art. Please take my polls also *(Question Polls link on the right of the page) ~ Merci beacoup.

~ by TheBarracuda57 on April 25, 2010.

One Response to “Latest Entry: (25th April 2010, 14:27pm)”

  1. I will be updating this entry whenever I have time, or whenever I manage to find something interesting. Or just to notify the new work that I’ll be creating/uploading to my website.

    Corthan Bearder

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